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Gregory Ward

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Gregory Ward received his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985. He is currently Professor of Linguistics, Gender & Sexuality Studies and, by courtesy, Philosophy at Northwestern University, where he has taught since 1986 (and was Chair of the Linguistics Department from 1999-2004). His scholarship includes 180 talks, 75 papers, and 4 books in the area of discourse/pragmatics, with specific research interests in pragmatic theory, information structure, and reference.

Jackson & Keeler


Jackson, the brown beauty being pinned by his half-sister in the picture above, and Keeler, the silver wonder who displays deep ambivalence towards her half-brother, were born on 9/4/2015 and 10/8/2016, respectively, in Carpentersville, Illinois and adopted soon thereafter into the Ward-Lachman household. They display the typical feline indifference towards their caretakers ("staff") except when they are seeking food, affection, or access to the savanna ("garage"). Their favorite pastimes are sleeping, chasing flies, and eating centipedes.

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