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At Northwestern, I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the Departments of Linguistics and Philosophy and the Program in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Here are the course descriptions and syllabi for the courses that I have recently taught. N.b.There will no doubt be substantial revisions made to the syllabus before the course is taught again.

Recently Taught Courses


An introduction to extrasemantic meaning, focusing on the role of context in utterance production and interpretation. Topics include the semantics-pragmatics boundary, implicature, presupposition, speech acts, reference, and information structure.

Experimental Pragmatics

A survey of pragmatic topics and associated experimental methodologies for analyzing the role of context in utterance production and comprehension.


Linguistic, philosophical, and cognitive approaches to the study of reference, focusing on the role of context in the production and interpretation of referring expressions. Topics include definiteness, genericity, deixis, and anaphora.

Language & Gender

Exploration of socially significant differences in the language used by/about/to men and women, focusing on the role of language in constructing gender as part of local communities of practice.

Language & Sexuality

The uses of language to construct, negotiate, and conceal sexual identity, focusing on the language of and about queer-identified communities. Topics include identity labels and caetegories, heteronormativity, gender versus sexuality, and cross-cultural sexual diversity.

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